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Review of Alternative Systems

TechMech provides Alternative Systems Reviews for projects which are big scale and/or high risk. This is a technical review used to assess the material solutions developed for the project. It seeks to analyse the solutions on the basis of cost effectiveness, affordability, operational effectiveness and suitability for the project. By conducting a review of alternative systems, one can ensure that the material solutions being applied are the best for this particular project. This is an essential phase in any engineering project to ensure that the solutions being moved forward with are satisfactory and could not be improved without compromising on other aspects.

We conduct reviews of alternative technologies and configuration options that may be used and provide detailed reports on their suitability for the project. Based on this review, further models can be created to reveal the entire technical process and/ or any faults within the system. We work diligently to provide client-specific solutions which are satisfactory to clients based on their list of requirements.

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