Visualise Your Project

Schematic Design Services

TechMech offers Schematic Design services whereby the scale of the project and its relationship to the site is established. In this phase, the parameters of construction including the interior space are defined. Our team analyses the site and uses the information gathered at the Pre-Design stage to create initial sketches and Design designs of the proposed construction.

At TechMech, we understand client need for a proper visualization of the design. Our experts meet this need by using the most cutting-edge technology to give an idea of the final layout and look of the building. Our team can also construct visual models giving a clear idea of elevations, different sections and building and site plan.

The Schematic Design Stage involves the construction of a conceptual design which will act as the soul for future designing and development. Our experts have amassed experience over the years to understand client requirements and meet these while working with the inherent restrictions of the site, locality, local authorities etc. This often includes meetings with building officials, city planners, ecologists and more. TechMech ensures that such meetings are held and all required stipulations and regulations adhered to.

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