Developing Spaces

Designing & Planning

TechMech's Designing and planning divisions brings together a number of talented architects, planners, surveyors, construction specialists and more, to offer integrated services for designing, building and running all types of construction projects. From industrial spaces to households, we help construct all types of buildings. Furthermore, our planning experts offer specialized advice on planning of urban landscapes, including drawing out master plans as well as planning transportation and infrastructure. We also help clients develop their constructions in an eco-friendly manner.

Our experts offer detailed project reports to help clients analyze the feasibility of their projects and stay updated with its progress. Our planning services also encompass zonal and site plans and our range of experts comprise of specialists in GIS and redevelopment projects. Furthermore,our architectural services take clients through the entire process of designing, site analysis, construction contracts and all the way through the ultimate construction process. With such a diverse set of services, we ensure integrate solutions for all your architectural and planning needs.